Innovation Deep Dive China

26./27. Oktober 2018

Shenzhen – dynamics in innovation. Shenzhen forms together with Hong Kong part of the Pearl River Delta megalopolis. Since its promotion as China’s first Special Economic Zone in the late 70s Shenzhen has become one of the fastest- growing cities in the world. According to the UN the population of the whole delta region is around 120 million people. Together with Hong Kong – the Pearl River Delta at the South Chinese Sea has become a fascinating melting pot of cultures – the best traditions of  Chinese and Anglo-Saxon business are united in a new innovative spirit in an economically most vibrant region. Cooperation, innovation and knowledge transfer are the main drivers for the growth of this most dynamic region.
The region benefits from a deep knowledge of Chinese tradition and from the century-long tradition of being the regional business hub of the Western world at the South Chinese Sea. Both pioneering traditions are melting now to a new innovation spirit at its best. Knowledge and Innovation have become the common ground and major driving force for this fascinating region inhabited by more than 120 million people. The Shenzhen Tour will be orgnaized together with Innovaton Orbit and will provide an two day innovation training program

The programm will show among other things

  • What is the essence of the specific innovation ecosystem bridging two cultures in one of the fastest growing regions in the world?
  • How is this innovation and start-up culture fostered in the Pearl River Delta megalopolis?
  • How does the region benefit from digitalisation having business relations worldwide?
  • How can we learn from the transfer and cooperation knowledge and apply it to other multicultural environmen

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