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Service Design Thinking offers new and unconventional solutions for customers, partners and employees. As an expert for agile methods such as Design Thinking, Scrum, Lean Startup, FastWork or Google Sprints I support you to develop your culture of innovation and the design of new services and products. Inspirational, uncomplicated and efficient.

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Whats Next

September 10./11. 2018 Vienna

Design Thinking Intensive Training

In this two-day intensive training you will learn design thinking as a method and mindset, reflect on the individual process steps and build up basic knowledge for use in an entrepreneurial context. For companies also as in-house or pop-up workshop possible!

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October 08. 2018 Vienna

Design Sprints: Know-how for agile moderators

How do I develop my skills as moderator for Srum, Innovation Sprints and Design Thinking? How do I deepen my know-how? This workshop is aimed at people who want to independently plan and implement agile settings. For companies also as in-house or pop-up workshop possible!

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September 20./21. 2018 – sold out! Next April 04./05. 2019

Innovation Deep Dive Berlin

Successful at the intersection of business, research and start-up network: How do companies, research institutes and start-ups work together with innovation HUBs and Accelerators? How do you build up innovation cooperation with these network and ecosystems? These are the questions we tackle on the two-day innovation Deep Dive in Berlin.

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October 26./27.  2018

Innovation Deep Dive China

Shenzhen forms together with Hong Kong part of the Pearl River Delta megalopolis. Since its promotion as China’s first Special Economic Zone in the late 70s Shenzhen has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the world.

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November 20, 2018 Vienna

LAB: Agil Workstyle & Design Thinking

Only companies and organizations that focus, develop new business areas quickly and flexibly and are ready to leave traditional contexts will be successful. But what is agility? In this APA Mini-Lab you will learn how Google approaches its challenges.

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March 04.-08. 2019  USA

Innovation Deep Dive Silicon Valley

The interdisciplinary study tour Professional PR & Communications in the Digital Age! leads to Silicon Valley and San Francisco. It focuses on the transfer of the innovation mindset into one’s own company.

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Innovations are rarely a random product of individual geniuses, but mostly result from a structured approach of several people. With my credo “Do not talk, do!” I support companies, interest groups and authorities to become more innovative. Together we extend perspectives – so that the impossible becomes possible. As a facilitator for service innovations I am a process and dialogue companion, but also a catalyst. I create something new because familiar thinking hinders collective creativity. I start at this point.

  • Founder of service design & business creation
  • C0-Initiator of the Design Thinking Summit
  • Partner at Kovar & Köppl Public Affairs Consulting
  • Head of the executive department project coodination at the Federation of Austrian Industry
  • Trimedia Communications Austria, Vienna
  • Productmanager at Henkel CEE, Vienna
  • Employee for economic policy at the Austrian Peoples Party
  • Employe at the International Press Office, Headquarter of the Scitisch National Party, Edinburg
  • Freelancer for the US political magazine Campaigns & Elections, Washington DC


My clients include federal ministries, countries, interest groups, corporations, SMEs, as well as NGOs, start-ups and educational institutions.


weissmann innovation & business creation gmbh


+43 664 8494018


Herbert-Rauch-Gasse 76
2361 Laxenburg