Design Thinking Intensive Training

September 10./11. 2018 Vienna

During the two two-day intensive training you will learn Design Thinking as a method and mindset, reflect on the individual process steps and build up basic knowledge for use in an entrepreneurial context. The open training format is aimed at companies and individuals.

Experience Design Thinking

You will be active, learn and reflect the process steps in the team. You build up basic knowledge for the application of Design Thinking in an entrepreneurial context. Well-founded input, experience from the Design Thinking practice and the concrete implementation in small teams provide the appropriate dynamics.

Understand Methods & Mindset

On the basis of a concrete question, the entire Design Thinking process is played through in small teams on two days. You can experience all the dynamics of the innovation process and  try out individual roles and methods by yourself. The individual steps and the mindset of the Design Thinking process are methodically reflected together. The special setting of the training provides you with the necessary tools for using Design Thinking in a professional setting.



  • Develop Design Thinking questions and find the right focus     
  • Mindfulness as the basis for empathy and innovation success     
  • Build empathy to the user: Experience, understand and feel like the customer     
  • Idea generation: creativity with depth     
  • Try out the Design Thinking method set yourself     
  • Success criteria: Rooms, atmosphere, the right teams, facilitation and moderation under control     
  • Identify implementation opportunities in companies and their own teams     
  • Conditions for support: Reflection of critical success factors and methodical suggestions for everyday life

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