Linkedin Learning Training for practitioners

Published in March 2018

Innovations presuppose leaving behind the well-known in order to discover the unknown. This is precisely what Design Thinking offers an agile process and LinkedIn Learning will be offering an online video training with Klaus Weissmann in 2018.

If you want to break new ground as an entrepreneur, employee or supervisor, both entrepreneurially and methodically, this training will be your first entry into the world of Design Thinking. You do not need any previous knowledge. Just go, because waterfall was yesterday! Imagine, you would develop a new and innovative bicycle service for your city! How would you structure this project?

Now throw all your ideas overboard and follow Klaus Weissmann on this special Design Thinking Challenge. Be empathetic! Learn to let go of cherished ideas! Do not think in solutions, but in user needs! Accept criticism as an opportunity for real success without reservation!

You will be surprised what concepts come into being. The Video Training Design Thinking on the practical example will be published in March 2018 at Linkedin Learning.