Leaving your own comfort zone is not easy! But it is! And even inevitable for Design Thinker. When we stop being irritated, we stop learning and growing. Therefore, it is important to create work and learning environments in which organizations and their employees can leave behind paths and experience. Into “new territory”! Because there experience knowledge will guaranteed us no further help! For this we need not only learning journeys to Silicon Valley, but Deep Dives into the unknown, foreign and surprising. My Innovation Deep Dive format is about confronting one’s own with the unknown and making this contradiction fruitful. Essentially, it’s about accepting breaks and contradictions – including your own – and becoming more familiar, creative and secure when dealing with them.

My role

As an organizer, I will enable you to meet inspiring people, founders, scientists, government officials or entrepreneurs, and accompany you on a personal innovation process. As a tour guide, I’m directing, but not playing the lead role. Do you have questions about my learning trips or are you sure that this path of openness and curiosity is the right one for you? Then contact me.