Networked, simple, creative, agile, maybe “work hard, play hard”. That sounds nice. But can another organizational logic work if you are not a start-up? The use of agile ways of working makes it possible to be more “fleet-footed” in a faster digital environment and respond more quickly to secure changing customer needs. This “light-footedness” is liberating and alienating at the same time. It is a contradiction for all those who guarantee the functioning of companies with their adverse routines and standardized processes. Mastering this contradiction is a core task of Design Thinking and future leadership. Design Thinking redefines organizational development and supports organizations on the path from innovation to organizational development. It has nothing to do with revolution, but with common sense and a return to virtues such as respect, togetherness, courage and lateral thinking.

My role

As a experienced systemic consultant and practicing design thinker, I redefine organizational and leadership development with you. Do you have any questions about how to anchor the new thinking in your organization or are you ready to rethink your company? Then contact me.