Design Sprint: Know-how for agile moderators

October 8, 2018 in Vienna

How do I deepen my Design Sprint know-how? How do I develop competence as a Design Thinking Facilitator? This workshop is aimed at people who want to independently plan and implement agile settings. Working with agile methods encourages leaving the comfort zone and allows us to quickly grasp the creative framework beyond what we sometimes love. In addition to the current state of development, the design thinking must also keep an eye on the choice of the right tools. The agile way of working brings with it a series of challenges for the facilitator in preparation and while working in a dynamic setting. For companies, this event is also possible as in-house or pop-up workshop!



  • What includes the professional contract clarification in advance?
  • How to create awareness of the client for the conditions for support?
  • How to develop interdisciplinary teams?
  • How do you define a good problem definition at the right level?
  • How do we discover users’ needs and how do we prepare teams for them?
  • What does it mean to have an agile workshop setting under control?
  • How do you integrate lean management methods elegantly with Scrum and Design Thinking?
  • What does it mean to initiate change as a facilitator?
  • How to prepare the organization for the agile mindset?
  • How do you create clarity in the team, whether diverging or converging mentalities are in focus?
  • What makes a good prototype?
  • How can you test efficiently?


Participation in this agile sprint format is only possible after a first meeting! Registration under: office (at) klausweissmann (punkt) at