The Challenge: Smart Forest. Saving Lives.

26.-27. March 2018 in Portugal

In the last year forest fires, from California to Portugal, have destroyed human lives and property. They have severely damaged the environment – both natural and inhabited – to an unprecedented degree. After heavy rainfall, denuded hillsides have led to mudslides, causing a new cycle of destruction and suffering. Whole communities have been severely affected.

Smart Communities. Saving Lives. is a regional social innovation process to addresses the critical situation and think outside the box. How do we use the possibilities of digitization to prevent forest fires in the future? How can we combat them more quickly? What additional assistance can be offered to individual citizens, to local communities and the government?

Learn in a two-day design thinking workshop how to purposefully initiate change and how digitization can help you to create social innovation. Regardless of the area of life you are in. Develop solutions with innovation experts and prototypes on how to prevent suffering and harm caused by forest fires.